4 Stages of the Internet Marketing Process You Need to Know

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The question “When do marketing efforts start?” is being asked in a substantial number of emails and phone calls by owners of online businesses in Indonesia. Does the process of marketing a product start as soon as it is ready to be sold, or does it begin at an earlier point in time than that?

There is a possibility that the majority of us, or other Indonesian businesses who take part in web marketing, will offer the solution that is right. After a product has reached the point where it is prepared to be sold on the market, a new marketing strategy may be implemented to begin selling the product. At this point, it is ready to be put up for sale on the marketplace. On the other hand, in order for a marketing chain to be recognized as complete, the actual marketing process needed to have been in motion for a considerable length of time prior to the launch of the product. This was necessary in order to guarantee the success of the marketing chain. How on earth is something like that even a remote possibility?


Because marketing does not only involve selling items that are already in a state where they can be sold, but also involves promoting new products, marketing does not merely comprise selling products that are already in a state where they can be sold. However, marketing has been an essential component in the production of products that have a history of strong sales right from the beginning of the process. This has been the case for all successful products.


The process of marketing a product or service begins with the identification of potential market opportunities, which can then be pursued. After this, the next step is to carry out market research, which is followed by the selection of target markets, the creation of marketing strategies, and the development of marketing programs. After all of these steps have been completed, the final step is to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing efforts. The findings are compiled at this point, the required actions are done, and the consequences are closely monitored.

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It is a widespread misconception that the process of marketing consists of nothing more than conceiving of a marketing strategy and analyzing how successful it is in obtaining the desired results in the market. Not only does this result in inconsistent sales of the product, but it also has the potential to lead to marketing expenses that are both expensive and fruitless. Additionally, this leads to inconsistent sales of the product, which leads to inconsistent sales of the product. This issue presents itself with two distinct challenges at once.


Let’s go through the four steps of the marketing process one by one in greater depth so that everything is crystal obvious. They are as follows, if you want to follow along at home:


Performing Some Market Research in Order to Better Understand It The marketing process begins with the first step, which is the execution of market research. The purpose of this stage is to arrive at an estimate of the potential size of the market by computing the number of opportunities available on the market, the quantity of market wants, and the diversity of market segments that are already available. You should also familiarize yourself with the amount of rivalry that is presently prevalent in the sector you are operating in.


For example, prior to the release of the Blogging Secret Formula, I had the opportunity to conduct market research on the size of the blogging industry and discovered that it was a business with significant potential. The degree to which it cannot be done without is astonishingly high. There are still just a modest number of individuals who are responsible for updating their own blogs. In addition, to the best of my knowledge, there is no other product that tackles blogging in such a comprehensive manner, from a to z, as does this one. It covers all there is to know about blogging. The subject matter of Blogging Secrets extends far beyond the fundamentals of launching a blog and making money from it through various forms of online writing. The process of beginning a blog is examined in great detail throughout the book. In spite of this, the astounding success of blogs can be credited to a wide variety of other causes.

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Create a plan for how you intend to promote and advertise your goods. When developing a positioning strategy for your product brand and coming up with a name for your brand, it is critical to take into account your competitive advantages. This is also true when naming your brand.

Make a strategy for the promotion of your company’s products or services. Beginning with the marketing strategy and progressing into the marketing program in a manner that is more in-depth as we proceed, we will start with the marketing strategy. In the not-too-distant future, will you be putting any particular kinds of marketing strategies into action? For instance, when you first introduce a product, you rely on search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and advertising on advertising platforms such as telling advertisements. These strategies are used to increase exposure and sales. In a similar vein, even after the product has been re-released, you will still use the same marketing tactics.


At this stage, you need to work out not only the total budget for marketing, but also the distribution of cash among the numerous marketing initiatives that will be carried out. This is a very important step.

Evaluation will be done in addition to the progression that will take place. At this very last stage, we will be able to evaluate the level of success that each of these many marketing programs achieved. Is it basically on par with the success you had in achieving your objective? And on the basis of the results, you will be able to figure out which marketing initiatives need to be enhanced, which ones need to be strengthened, which ones need to be discontinued, and which ones possibly need to be cancelled. And this keeps happening over and over again.

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Always bear in mind how important it is to monitor and evaluate the performance of your marketing effort. Because marketing is an ongoing activity that continues to follow and have an impact on the success of your internet business, it is essential that you invest an appropriate amount of time and money to it.


How? Are you ready to devise a marketing strategy for your online company and then go to work putting it into action? If you follow the methods that are indicated above in the first four phases of the comprehensive marketing process, your marketing efforts will be better planned and directed, and if God wills it, you will become a great Indonesian internet marketer. This will all happen if you follow the steps.

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