Isla De Gigantes Islands, Philippines:

Isla De Gigantes Islands, Philippines:

Lodged in the northeastern part of Panay Island, Isla de Gigantes boasts of pristine and raw beaches that are exuding charm and mystery. Legends and folklore immediately speak as I arrived in the island at night. Legends have it that the Gigante Islands are reigned with “giants” way back then, and this is supported with artifacts found in one of its many caves. I didn’t see real giants when I stayed there; what I saw instead are warm people standing tall and proud like a giant with their prized possession: the islands itself. And this is where I experienced my first solo backpacking trip—in this little-known place and undoubtedly a hidden gem that’s poised to carve its name in tourism circles for its enchanting charm. One would surely fall in love with its group of amazing islands like the Cabugao Gamay which is my favorite. Here, you can climb in a rocky hill where you’ll have a fantastic vista of the whole island itself. Up there, the sight of fisherfolks resting on midday is a worthwhile experience while witnessing viewing the frantic union of the white sand and the blue-green water. This explodes into white foam as it reaches the shore.



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