Simien National Park,Ethiopia:

Simien National Park,Ethiopia:

Simien Mountains National Park is in Ethiopia. It was one of the first sites added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978.Buses travelling between Shire/Aksum and Gonder pass through Debark, the National Park's main town. Ask to be let off here. From Shire, Debark is 5-7 hours; from Gonder about 3 hours.The Simien National Park contains Ethiopia's biggest and most spectacular mountain range, the Simien Mountains. Ras Dashen at 4553m is the country's highest peak, although the views from the Northern Escarpment are arguably a bigger draw, with rock faces falling away thousands of feet from summits like Inatye (4070m) and Imet Gogo (3960m). Wildlife is also an attraction of the Park. The Simien Wolf is the world's rarest canid and can be found in the mountains. The Gelada Baboon is indigenous and is a common sight on hikes. The rare Walia Ibex can be found in higher parts of the range.



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